Time to say goodbye


It’s been a while since you last heard from us. We are updating the blog today to let you know that come October 1st 2016 Scripler will be no more. The past few years have been a blast, but sometimes reality gets in the way of plans, wishes and wants. Startup life is hard, y’all.

So what happened? It’s a difficult question that we might elaborate on at a later point. One answer is that we did not get enough active users to validate the basic concept. Another is that we ran out of steam.

No matter the reasons, the consequence is clear: Scripler is closing. So if you have any precious projects stored on scripler.com, consider this your four-week notice. Download your projects (as .epub) before October 1st or they will be lost.

We have decided to open-source Scripler’s code. You can check it out on Github. We never got to properly create reusable libraries/modules but who knows if one of you guys get inspired to do something brilliant…the beauty of open source, right?

Last but not least we want to say thank you for sticking around. It’s been a wild ride, but we’re all very happy that we took it together. The Scripler team is splitting up, but we are parting as great friends and plan to stay that way.

David, Kaspar, Allan, Morten, and Sofie


Just Scripler

The evolution of Scripler

A look at Scripler from the very first paper prototype in 2012 to the just released version, 2015

It’s been a little more than six months and seven versions since we released the first alpha version of Scripler. A lot of eager alpha testers have shared their experiences on Talk, helping us create a better platform for writing, designing, and publishing ebooks. Thank you!

A lot has happened to Scripler since that first version. Along with an insane amount of minor improvements and bug fixes we have introduced the Scripler Reader, made improvements to the Word import, added publishing directly to the web and smoothed out the book design features.

So we are proud to announce that Scripler is now polished and stable and ready to make a gazillion ebooks. Therefore we feel the time is right to disrobe of the “alpha” and simply go by Scripler.

Tiered subscription

There are going to be some changes to the subscription part of Scripler that we want to tell you about. From today there are two kinds of Scripler subscriptions; Free and Premium. As the name suggests the Free subscription is still absolutely free. For the Free user there is now a limit on how many books you can store and work on: Three projects at a time.

Premium is for “heavy” users. It is for the user who plans on working on more than three books and who wants more options when designing the book. The Premium plan is a monthly paid subscription of €9.99 that gives you more space for books and more freedom to change the design of your book. In other words: The Premium builds on the free version – it doesn’t take from it.

If you are interested in creating more than 10 books please contact us at info@scripler.com and we’ll get you a Professional plan.

Have any questions or need support? See our updated FAQ or post a question on our community page Talk.

Go forth and Scripl’ away!


Can books be embedded on a webpage?

We thinks so:

So this is just a prototype of how this could be done. It’s just an ebook published with Scripler and put in a simple iframe.  The HTML code is:

<iframe style='width: 550px; height:700px; border:2px solid black;' src='https://scripler.com/ebook/560e67ea031e6a0e29297af0/SofieMarieOttsen-ABook'><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe>

If you want to do this yourself you can just paste the code on your webpage, remember to replace the URL with the URL of the book you want to embed.


  • We want to do much more with this and autogenerate the embed code for you to copy-paste when you publish a book.
  • We want to build an online library with this.
  • The fullscreen button does not work in this prototype, bookmarking and ToC-navigation does.
  • We want to make the cover full bleed.

So I think this is pretty great – any feedback and ideas is more than welcome.


Release of version 0.0.6 – with a reader!

Today we released the sixth update to the alpha. And this one is really cool, we think.

We have made a lot of smaller and bigger fixes and improvements, that you can read about in detail on Talk. But the most noticeable change though, is probably the new menu “Publish” that you’ll find in the bottom right corner of the editor.

Skærmbillede 2015-05-21 kl. 17.24.11Here you can publish your book directly to the web, where it can be read in Scripler’s new browser reader. You get a link that you can immediately share however you choose. If you make changes to your book, simply update to the latest version. You can also unpublished any published book. 

See for yourself – we hope you like it!

AND if you would like to read about the update in an actual published book, then David just made this one.


Alpha news: Release of version 0.0.5


When you visit Scripler today you might find that things are working a little more smoothly than they did yesterday. That is because we have just released Scripler 0.0.5 which includes a lot of  fixes and improvements.

You can check out the entirety of changes below, but if you’re not into that then here is a short summary.

The fixes in 0.0.5 pertain both to what you see and experience within the editor but also to the insides of the epub file you download.

In the editor the improvements include ensuring that very large documents are saved. If you have previously had problems editing and saving large quantities of text, you should try again. We have also done a lot of work on anchors and hyperlinking, so that should be working much better now. A big improvement has been made to the automatic generation of documents in the Finalize menu. A nasty bug has previously caused the generated documents to sometimes overwrite existing ones. That is now fixed and ToC, cover, title page and colophon can be generated smoothly.

Regarding the epub file some changes have also been made. Many of the improvements are made to ensure that your ebook looks equally good in an eReader as it does in Scripler.

Besides the main changes mentioned above and in detail below we have temporarily disabled  the option to overwrite and save changes as new style because these functionalities were not fully working. We will re-introduce these features as soon as we are satisfied with them.

We hope you enjoy the improvements – we are already working on more. Remember to visit Talk if you have any problems or ideas for improvements. We are always happy to answer questions and receive suggestions.

Fixed in 0.0.5:

  • No way to resend verification email
  • Insert anchor: When selecting text and inserting an anchor, this text gets overwritten
  • Insert: hyperlink selection should automatically be in the hyperlink name box.
  • Insert hyperlink: selection gets overwritten w. “undefined” if no content is in the text-box
  • Insert anchor: Anchor name textbox position off a bit
  • Focus should return to the editor when insert/finalize/output and their features are clicked
  • Image should be wrapped in <figure>
  • Finalize: Create cover body should have class=”cover”
  • EPUB: ensure that downloaded archive always has all content (instant save)
  • Can not update large documents
  • Not enough room in ebook icon for long book titles
  • There is no way to insert an anchor – button is hidden
  • Epubs are not named after project title anymore
  • All images gets class=”cover”
  • the universal css for body does not work
  • Generate ToC does not work
  • Cover image is missing on title page of epub
  • Border around tools in toolbar
  • Finalize-inserts overwrites documents
  • All buttons have been overhauled to look and respond better

Check out the alpha changes for yourself


BitKom: 11% of eBook Users Are Also Authors

Graph by Stephen Pierzchala (https://www.flickr.com/photos/spierzchala/)

Graph by Stephen Pierzchala

From the article:

This German market research firm released a report on Friday which showed that eleven percent of a recent survey group who read ebooks had also self-published their own works.

Yeah so it’s easy to make intersting statistics – but 11% of people reading ebooks had published works themselves! I’m just going to run with my confirmation bias here: this confirms where I suspect the real revolution in self-publishing lies – people are moving from being content consumers to being content creators. Needless to say, content creators also usually consume a lot of content as well. This is what we want to empower with Scripler!

Read the rest of the article here: http://the-digital-reader.com/2015/02/02/bitkom-11-ebook-authors-also-authors/

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Digital publishing

Amazon releases paid print-to-ebook-archival tool


From the article:

“Amazon says that the app works by turning scans of English-language printed books and documents into ebooks. A user can either elect to leave a scanned page as an image, or run the image through Amazon’s OCR software and convert it to text. If you stick with the image, you can crop the image, rotate it, center it on a page, and perform other basic image editing tricks. The text generated via OCR can be edited to remove errors, and styled.”

Probably a grab for the huge amounts of non-digitized stuff still out there. Especially now that google books has been scaling back for years. The tool explicitly forbids publishing of the results, so it’s a personal archival tool.

Read the article: http://the-digital-reader.com/2015/02/02/amazon-releases-kindle-convert-first-paid-conversion-app-kindle/

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Care to see some ebooks made with Scripler?

A few weeks ago we launched the first testable version of Scripler, and more and more of you are trying out the alpha; writing, editing, formating, and creating ebooks. We’re psyched that some of those ebooks are now available for purchase online. Here are a few in Danish that you can check out (the websites are in Danish too, but if you click “Se gratis uddrag” you’ll get a free preview of the book).

Hej Menneske (“Hi Human”) by Merete Pryds Helle. 


Vikingemad(“Viking Food”) by Klaus Ebbesen.


We are also really proud that Scripler technology is used to make Zetland Singles, which is quality Danish long-format journalism. Give one of their latest ones a look – this is “De Udvalgte” (“The Chosen Ones”) by Frauke Giebner.


If you’ve made an ebook with Scripler, let us know! We’d love to spread the word.

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Partner wanted: Business developer

English | Dansk

With Scripler we’re making an ultra user-friendly and snappy web application where everybody can write and design great ebooks easily. After lots of hard work we are now at a place where we need someone with a good nose for business to join as a partner.

We recently launched our alpha version and are now hustling to finish our beta. In the nearest future we want to find investors, and we’re very ambitious, born global and would love things to move faster.

We’re a small startup with six partners and two student employees: Five developers, one in communications, a graphic designer and a project lead. We’re based in Copenhagen, where we currently have an office on Amager. We’re using Scrum, and have a collaborative work-evening every Monday evening.

We are looking for a person who wants to help sharpen Scripler’s business talent. We want someone who can make business strategy, talk with investors and initiate/implement strategic partnerships. We have a great product but are not born salesmen. You are! If you have great ideas and is up for taking responsibility, then we’ll give you freedom and support to do just that. And equity. It’s not a job with pay, but a partnership on equal terms with the other partners.

Our ideal candidate has experience with tech-startups and fundraising, and has a professional knowledge of business. We will consider all candidates, also students.

We enjoy having a informal work atmosphere, where everyone has a say in what kind of tasks they do, and influence on the grander scheme of things as well – in what direction we want Scripler to move. We work iteratively, exchange ideas, give each other feedback, and appreciate being good friends as well as hardworking colleagues.

We have great aspirations for Scripler that we hope you will share.

If you’re interested, write an application and send it to David Walther Birk, david@scripler.com, no later than february 9th, 2015. Please attach your CV and references.


English | Dansk

Partner søges: Forretningsudvikler

Med Scripler laver vi en ultra-tilgængelig og snappy web-applikation hvor man let kan skrive og designe flotte ebøger. Efter mange timers hårdt arbejde står vi nu og mangler en person med forretningssans, der vil indtræde i Scripler som partner.

Vi lancerede vores alpha-version i efteråret, og forbereder os nu på at få en beta-version klar. I den nærmere fremtid skal vi finde investorer, og vi har generelt store ambitioner, er born global og har lysten til at rykke helt vildt.

Scripler er en lille opstartsvirksomhed med seks partnere og to studiemedhjælpere: Fem programmører, en kommunikatør, en grafisk designer og en projektleder. Vi har kontor på Laplandsgade i København og kører Scrum med fast arbejdsaften hver mandag.

Vi leder efter en person, der vil være med til at skærpe Scriplers forretningskompetencer. Konkret søger vi hjælp til lave forretningsstrategier, snakke med investorer og igangsætte strategiske partnerskaber.Vi har et godt produkt, men mangler en person, der har forstand på, hvordan vi får det “solgt”. Hvis du har gode ideer og lyst til at tage ansvar, så er vi parate til at give dig frihed, støtte, og ikke mindst medejerskab. Det er altså ikke et job med løn, men et partnerskab på lige fod med de andre partnere.

Vores ideelle kandidat har erfaring med tech-iværksætteri og fundraising, og er solidt fagligt funderet. Vi er åbne overfor alle, også unge og studerende.

I Scripler er der en uformel arbejdskultur, hvor den enkelte i høj grad har medbestemmelse over egne opgaver og indflydelse på hvilken retning, Scripler skal bevæge sig i. Vi arbejder iterativt, udveksler ideer, giver feedback og sætter pris på at være gode venner ved siden af kolleger.

Vi har store ambitioner for Scripler, som vi håber at dele med en ligesindet.

Hvis du er interesseret, så skriv en ansøgning og send den til David Walther Birk på david@scripler.com, senest 9. februar 2015. Vedlæg CV og referencer.


‘Tis the season to be testing!

Scripler xmas

The year is almost over, and we are looking back on an eventful one for Scripler.

We released our alpha and with it our community site Talk, and it has been truly awesome receiving feedback from all you guys and gals, who have been testing and tinkering and making ebooks. THANK YOU!

Since the initial release of the alpha we have been continuously fixing bugs and making Scripler alpha better. We have been working hard to get as much awesome stuff implemented before the holidays, and in true Christmas miracle style we managed to get everything done yesterday. That means Scripler version 0.0.3 is now yours to unpack!

So what’s new? Here is a small selection of bug fixes and enhancements in version 0.0.3:


  • We have drastically improved how users get to test the alpha when visiting scripler.com
  • Designs now have a snazzy smooth scroll
  • We have temporarily disabled automatic first line indent, since users can’t control it (yet).

Bug fixes

  • We fixed the metadata cover-reference
  • Firefox users should no longer have any problems downloading their ebooks
  • Changing the order of chapters now works consistently
  • In general we have fixed a lot of small (and larger) bugs pertaining to the handling of documents

Read the entire list of fixes and new stuff at Talk. Or just head straight over to Scripler and try it all out yourself.

So merry Christmas everyone! We look forward to seeing you in the new year.


David, Morten, Ole, Allan, Roxana, Kasper, Kaspar & Sofie

PS: Forgot to buy a present for someone special? You might just still have time to write a wonderful digital collection of romantic haikus on Scripler…